Dennis Berry

I am Dennis Berry and I've lived on Willow Dr. in Skyland for the last 16 years. My rough history is Valley College, Northridge, LA trade Tech, 2 years active Coast Guard, 18 years contractor with the Department of Defense, and 33 years at CBS Inc. (there was overlap). Functionally my late wife and I were commercial pilots and we moved classified material on an on-demand basis in our civilian aircraft (9 passenger Beechcraft). At CBS I ended being the engineering/maintenance department instructor and was charged with making the transition to high definition postproduction work, for this I received an Emmy. Sony Inc. published some of my writings on high definition. My specialty is doing the research so I would understand how things/programs function and then to make them work. My reason for running for the GID, at this time, is that I have found I need the status of a GID trustee to be effective in my efforts to find options and prices for the GID and public.

Dennis Berry, 775-588-7317