Skyland Community Members:

I have some good news on the fence project. We have received our permit from
the Nevada Department of Transportation and are ready to move forward with
construction of the new fence beginning in the next few days. The project
will initially begin with demolition of the existing fence, installation of
trenching for electrical and irrigation, then installation of the new fence
and emergency gate, and finally landscaping.

There are several things our community members need to keep in mind as this
project commences:

- As with all construction, there will be some impacts on traffic and
pedestrian flow as the project proceeds. The Contractor (Impact
Construction) will make every effort to minimize adverse impacts to the
community, but some effects are unavoidable. If extraordinary impacts are
present, let me know and we will do what we can to reduce the effects.

- The southern end of Myron Drive will no longer be accessible for parking
or pedestrian traffic as this area will be used by our Contractor for
equipment and materials storage. Access to the forest area is available off
of the cul-de-sacs at Ponderosa and Skyland Drives.

The Contractor will get as much done this construction season as possible,
but it is highly likely some elements of the project will have to be
completed next Spring.

Jon Herwig
President, Skyland GID