Skyland Community Members:

Greetings Skyland Residents! 02 20 2023

We had planned for a meeting February 22 at the Library, but with nothing pressing on the agenda we have elected to skip it. Our next GID meeting is planned for March 22, 2023 at 3:30pm at the Zephyr Cove Library.

We are still looking for another Trustee to join the GID Board. If you are interested, please reply to to volunteer or ask questions.

We know the fence is damaged from the snow. In Spring, our contractor will repair it as part of the project completion efforts. Stay tuned.

With snow in the forecast this week, feel free to text or call me at (206) 601-4978 if you feel the snow removal service isn’t getting your street plowed or clear enough. I’ll be coordinating with Jake Porter as his crew clears our neighborhood.

I hope you are having a wonderful Winter, wherever you may be!

Scott Sullivan
Skyland GID Trustee

Some updates on the fence project and other matters are presented below:

Fence Project - Feb 2023

Below is an update from Jon Herwig on the recent status of the HWY 50 Fence project. You will note that our contractor plans to address the damage from plowed snow in the Spring. If you have any questions, please reply to this email and we, the Trustees, will get back to you.

Scott Sullivan, GID Trustee

Folks - There has been very little progress on the fence project due to the
extreme winter weather that has affected our area. The only accomplishments

- Installation of concrete pads for the electric pedestals and meters at
the two new electrical connection points.
- Continued manufacture of the emergency gate - completion expected in late

Remaining work includes:

- Installation of the electric pedestals and meters and final electrical
connection of lights and irrigation system - when weather permits.
- Installation of two additional lights and poles - when weather permits.
- Staining of fence - when weather permits, likely in Spring.
- Installation of emergency gate - when manufacture is complete and weather
permits, likely in Spring.
- Design of drainage system by emergency gate.

The extraordinary amount of snow that has occurred over the last four weeks
has caused some of the pickets to be pushed off of the fence. The fence
contractor will reattach the pickets prior to staining of the fence, as well
as repair any other impacts that may have occurred.


- The USDA loan was executed on 13 October with approximately $652,000 in
loan proceeds. The project is now drawing against this loan. A grant of
about $97,000 was also authorized, and the project will draw against this
once the Skyland contribution and loan proceeds are exhausted. The total
cost of the fence is approximately $1,050,000 assuming no additional change
orders, which are currently not anticipated.

- The State Historic Preservation Office has approved the design change for
the straight-across fence configuration.
The electric pedestals and meters for two locations continue to be
problematic. The pedestals are caught up in supply-chain issues and will not
be available for several months. When the pedestals are received, they will
be installed, weather permitting.

- Several of the new light poles have been installed at the entrance and
hopefully the remainder of the poles and lights will be installed during the
next several weeks, weather permitting.

- Temporary power will be supplied to several of the lights at the entrance
using the existing circuit. This will hopefully be completed in the next
week or so.

- Staining of the fence will occur when weather permits. Staining cannot
occur below 40 degrees F.

- The emergency gate and signage will not be installed until Spring when the
construction season opens again.

Board Trustee Vacancy

Nancy Beaulieu has submitted a letter of interest to the Board that is
attached to this email. Nancy is a long time resident of the Skyland
community. She has been verified as a registered voter in the Skyland
District and is eligible for Board appointment. The Board will consider her
potential appointment at the 30 November meeting.

Bonding of Trustees

Nevada law requires bonding of Board trustees and officers, and a potential
action item is on the agenda for the 30 November meeting to approve moving
forward with the required bonding.

I also wanted to let you know that I will be leaving the GID Board effective
immediately. I have been elected to the Tahoe Douglas (Sewer) District Board
of Trustees. Nevada state law does not allow an individual to occupy more
than one elected position, so it will be necessary for me to leave the
Skyland Board. Additionally, my focus for my two years on the Board has been
the design and construction of the boundary fence project. This project is
near successful completion, and it is time for me to turn my efforts to
improving our wastewater infrastructure on the Sewer Board.

It has been an honor serving you as a trustee on the Skyland Board.


Skyland Community Members:

I have some good news on the fence project. We have received our permit from
the Nevada Department of Transportation and are ready to move forward with
construction of the new fence beginning in the next few days. The project
will initially begin with demolition of the existing fence, installation of
trenching for electrical and irrigation, then installation of the new fence
and emergency gate, and finally landscaping.

There are several things our community members need to keep in mind as this
project commences:

- As with all construction, there will be some impacts on traffic and
pedestrian flow as the project proceeds. The Contractor (Impact
Construction) will make every effort to minimize adverse impacts to the
community, but some effects are unavoidable. If extraordinary impacts are
present, let me know and we will do what we can to reduce the effects.

- The southern end of Myron Drive will no longer be accessible for parking
or pedestrian traffic as this area will be used by our Contractor for
equipment and materials storage. Access to the forest area is available off
of the cul-de-sacs at Ponderosa and Skyland Drives.

The Contractor will get as much done this construction season as possible,
but it is highly likely some elements of the project will have to be
completed next Spring.

Jon Herwig
President, Skyland GID