Residents & Guests must display or present (when asked)
the issued beach pass when using the beach.

  • Parking at the beach requires SKYLAND parking permit.
  • Use at your own risk. No Life Guard on Duty.
  • No items left behind. "Pack it in and Pack it out".
  • No "Reserving" beach space allowed in swim area.
  • No Fires on beach
  • No Dogs on beach
  • No Glass on beach
  • No Loud music
  • No trash is to be placed inside Porta Potty.
  • Take your trash with you when you leave.
  • No Motorized Water Craft allowed in swim area.
  • Stay within the beach boundaries and off of Private Property.
  • Monitor your language and behavior. "Family Beach".
  • Kayaks, Paddle Boards and water toys stowed must have identification on them. Each home should limit to a maximum of 2 such items for beach storage.
  • Don't re-arrange or throw beach rocks.

Please get to know our beach boundaries and stay off of Private Property.
The breakwater rocks on the left side of our beach, and the dock to the far right,
belong to a lakefront owner.

2022 Beach and Parking Permits

For 2022, we are using the NEW GREEN beach and parking permits. Each homeowner should have (1) parking permit and (1) beach pass. The parking passes have holographic stickers in order to prevent unauthorized copying. Self-made parking passes will not be recognized and those vehicles are subject to being ticketed. If you have lost your passes please contact Dana Engelkirk at 805-720-7260.

Parking permits are to be placed on your rear view mirror or dashboard when using a parking spot at Skyland beach. Residents and/or their guests must use the parking pass when using the parking spaces. As a reminder, spaces are limited and the chained section between the parking spaces near the pump house is a “No parking” area.

Signage is up in and around the beach designating "Skyland Resident Permit Parking Only, Vehicles will be cited or towed at owners expense. Fine will be $138 plus the cost of the tow. (Douglas County Code 10.12.050E)

Please use the lanyard you received to hang your beach pass on your beach chair or umbrella in plain view. Beach rules are listed on the back of the beach passes that all residents need to read and observe. The passes are numbered and identified by the property address. The permits and passes are the responsibility of the property owner. Homeowners allowing vacation rentals or long-term renters, the use and care of the passes are your responsibility.