Approved Budget for 2022-2023

Update...The Skyland Entry/fence Reconstruction Project

We have received final approval for our USDA loan! We finalized this just 1 day before the deadline to lock in our interest rate at 2.125% over 20 years. As you can imagine, our rate would have been much higher if we didn’t hit this deadline.

We also received notice that we will need to buy some additional land coverage for our emergency exit, at an estimated cost of $18,000. We had not expected this, but it is a required condition for our project, and the GID does have funds to pay this without any additional fees to our residents.

Our project is now in the review process at TRPA. We are also making final preparations to send the project out to bid, so that we can select a contractor as soon as possible and get started.

America's Most Beautiful Bikeway
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Dear Skyland Residents,

The Skyland G.I.D. requested your input concerning the possible proposed bike path routes through our section of the bike path. There are about 230 "active" property owners, and the survey generated 169 (73.5%) responses.

The results were as follows:

  • Bike Path "A": (145 responses/86%) This path would run parallel to highway 50, on the east side of the highway, with either a new crossing point at Warrior Way or by extending the path all the way to the light at Zephyr Cove Resort.
  • Bike Path "B": (15 responses/9%) This path would run parallel to highway 50 along Myron Drive. It will enter/exit where Myron Drive makes a right angle turn on the north side of the neighborhood and then enter/exit where Myron meets the USFS lands on the south side of the neighborhood. The path would then follow an existing trail to Zephyr Cove Resort.
  • Bike Path "C": (7 responses/4%)This path would enter/exit Myron Drive on the north side of the neighborhood, run down Myron hill and continue along Skyland Drive until it reaches the USFS lands on the south side of the neighborhood. The path would then follow an existing trail to the Zephyr Cove Resort.
  • OTHER: Two responses were "NO WHERE"

*Reminder to all Skyland Property Owners BMP'S

Installing and maintaining BMPs (Best Management Practices) are mandatory. Log on to for an explanation of this Tahoe Reginal Planning Authority (TRPA) ordinance. Be aware of how your property drains. It is the responsibility of every property owner to capture the run off their property creates. Please remember we are the stewards of the Lake. Not only will these practices preserve the precious natural environment we live in for future generations but will also protect your property values.
Thank you and “Keep Tahoe Blue” (For Best Management Practices information and certificate information)

- (Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District: information on defensible space evaluations and consultations (Backyard Native Plants: Identification & Treatment of Shrubs and Ground Covers for Fire Safe Landscaping at Lake Tahoe. A companion guide to “Living with Fire: A guide for Homeowner- Lake Tahoe Basin, second edition)