Neighborhood Watch Update

Douglas County Advises the Public About Process for Reporting VHR Issues. Stateline NV- Douglas County would like to advise the public the process for reporting issues with Vacation Home Rental (VHR) properties in the Tahoe Township in Douglas County has changed. Effective immediately, a new third part administer, HdL, will handle VHR complaints. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will continue to handle noise and parking violations. As a reminder, a VHR is defined as one or more dwelling units, including either a single-family, detached or multiple-family attached unit, rented for the purpose of overnight lodging for a period of not more than 28 days.

“It is important to the County that we provide a way for our residents and visitors to effectively report issues and concerns involving VHR’s,” said Patrick Cates, Douglas County Manager. “Moving forward we will work in collaboration with the Sheriff’s Office and HdL to resolve and respond to complaints in a timely manner.”

Noise and Parking Complaints

For non-emergency issues the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will respond in person to any complaints related to noise and/or parking. In these cases, please contact Douglas County Sheriff's Office non-emergency line at 775-782-5126.  If you feel there is a true emergency, please call 911.

All Other Complaints

Non noise or parking complaints should be directed to HdL. HdL work diligently to investigate and resolve complaints received.  

contact HdL at:

Email address:

Phone: (775) 238-4135

Skyland Neighborhood Watch

The Skyland General Improvement District has appointed an ad hoc committee for the Skyland Neighborhood Watch Group. The organization of Watch Groups by blocks is the cornerstone of neighborhood crime prevention programs. Ann Grant has volunteered to chair the committee and to oversee the Neighborhood Watch Group. Block captains have volunteered on every street in Skyland to keep watch for any suspicious activity and to report anything to the Douglas County Sheriff. There are Neighborhood Watch signs at each of the three streets meeting at the Skyland entry, and many homes have Neighborhood Watch stickers in their front windows.

The Douglas County sheriff advises that many Lake Tahoe neighborhoods have experienced burglaries or other crimes of opportunity. With greater neighbor-to-neighbor involvement, Skyland homeowners can help eliminate that chance of opportunity. For further information and to become more involved please contact committee chairman Ann Grant, (775) 781-4006. Report suspicious activity to Douglas County dispatch at 775-782-5126, and of course if it’s an emergency situation, dial 911.

Click on the first bullet below to see the name of Your Neighborhood Watch Block Captain. More block captains as well as active participants are needed. Click on the second bullet for a list of recommendations for protecting your property by the Douglas County Sheriff.

o Neighborhood Watch – Your Block Captains

o Recommendations for home security from Douglas County Sheriff Ron Perini

Thanks to Ann Grant who has been instrumental in organizing and overseeing Skyland’s Neighborhood Watch Group for the past few years.


Douglas County requires every door to door solicitor including employees and agents to obtain a permit and to display an identification card in a plainly visible place on his person and to have the permit in his actual physical custody. No activity under a permit shall be conducted at a residential establishment where signs such as “No Peddlers” or “No Solicitors” are clearly posted. Solicitors who do not comply should be reported to the Douglas County Sheriff’s office at 775/782-9935. (Douglas County Code 5.24)