Larry Sidney - 860-830-2726 -

Vice President

Jonathan Herwig - 530-416-1590 -


Richard Nice - 775-580-7530 -


Cindy Richter - 775-781-8178 -

Board Member At-Large:

Dana Englekirk - 805-720-7260 -


Skyland General Improvement District Trustees

In the State of Nevada, the form of a township is called a General Improvement District. The Skyland G.I.D. was established by Nevada State Statute and was initiated by a Douglas County Ordinance. A legally elected Board of trustees is responsible for the management of the district. The Skyland G.I.D. Board has five members who are elected by property owners and residents who are registered to vote in the Skyland precinct. The general responsibility, as set forth by Nevada State law, is to serve the public use and promote the health, welfare and safety of the residents of the district.